NYBizDb changes the way we look up business contact data online

In order to plan the expansion of your business, you need to know your competition. The best way to find out who you are up against is to look up all companies located within a specified area and compare their profiles. You may find out that there are already several advertising agencies in White Plains, but just a few in Westchester. Market and geographic research may reveal other interesting sociodemographic factors that you will be able to use to your advantage in order to make your business prosper. And in order to do this you will need a database collecting and organizing business contact information online.

Let's say you want to know what companies operate in your neighborhood. Or you might be thinking about setting up an interior design company in Syracuse, Albany or Rochester and you want to do a little research before you sign the paperwork. Or you might simply be looking for a plumbing business within a few blocks because of urgent plumbing emergency. You do not need to look far, because thanks to NYBizDb you will find the information you need in one convenient location. The platform was established to organize online information about New York businesses. It is an all-encompassing online repository providing business contact information and useful data about numerous enterprises located in the State of New York.

The idea behind the platform is to limit the time average user spends on locating particular company online. With NYBizDb all you need to know about any business is either its name, address or zip code. On the main page of the platform you will find a search bar which enables you to look up information about specific companies by name or keywords. In order to narrow down the company search, you can also use more precise search parameters. If you know the company name, its address, zip code and corporate extension, just input this data and click the search button. There is also another way to utilize the functionalities of the platform – a user-friendly and alphabetically organized company index contains all businesses in NYBizDb database, enabling you to look up companies manually. As soon as you find the company you were looking for, you will be surprised how informative the company page will be. It contains all necessary information about a particular business, such as up-to-date address, phone number and current company CEO's contact data. Furthermore, you will get a brief description of the line of business, date of incorporation and place of registration. Additionally, every result comes with a Google-powered map which will help you locate desired business quicker and more efficiently. On the map you will also see other companies located nearby, just in case you decide to run some additional errands.

NYBizDb provides only the most reliable and trustworthy information about New York businesses obtained from official government websites and databases, which means that it is the only resource you might ever need to find a particular business. You no longer have to dig through complex and often unclear official documents just to find out company's date of incorporation or its founding partner. Search tools are compatible with all mobile devices which means that you can have this powerful resource always within your reach.